Thursday, December 12, 2013

the corner

Here it is, December 11th. 2013 and I'm still waiting for energy!  I haven't knit even one sock since I finished last years Christmas presents.  I had such high hopes for loads of socks for this year.

I can say that I am feeling better, but that is because I got rid of a major stress situation.  I never realized stress could cause extreme pain, but it can.  Get rid of pain and the exhaustion goes away.  I was sleeping 3 out of 4 hours daily, no kidding.  Now I'm not sleeping my life away.  I do have more energy and my concentration has really improved to the point I am reading more complemented novels.  Still not quite up to knitting just yet, but close I think.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Post Surgery

Surgery was on the 25th of March and all went very well.  Now I'm just trying to get my energy back and then will address the other issues that came up when I got the CAT scan ~ re kidney issues. 

I haven't gotten much of any knitting done since I got out of the hospital.  My tension just is the pits.  Just like when I had my tendon surgery a year ago.  Knitting along and then look at what I've done and woops, loads of big loops just hanging on the needles!  Time will correct that.  I don't have the energy level to sit at either machine for any period of time, so that is out for now.

I was grounded from driving for 2 weeks, after surgery.  That was really hard on me ~ not being able to go when I wanted.  Well, my first trip was to UPMC NW in Seneca (south of Oil City) for a blood test.  That is about a 40 minute drive and after the first 20 minutes I was starting to hurt.  Now I know I'm not in any hurry to go anyplace more than 5 or 10 minutes away!  Yesterday I ran errands and was totally exhausted and sore by the time I got home.  I really do want to go places and do things, I just don't want to wear myself out and then hurt!

Oh well, not bitching, just complaining!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christmas gifts

I went to Mary & Eugene's sons house for Christmas Day dinner.  I took yarn with me and asked each person there which yarn they wanted a pair of socks made out of.   I had purchased 25 skeins of yarn at a big discount, so I had 5 100 gram balls of 5 different colorways.  They all chose their yarn.

It took awhile for me to make the socks, but they are all done.  I made Mary's socks on the 72 cylinder and then switched to the 60 cylinder for the balance of the socks.  They all turned out great.  Six pairs of socks + one pair of tube socks (on the 72) for Mary.  I've learned that you really shouldn't save up socks, made on the CSM, for kitchner!  CSM socks have 3 times the number of stitches to kitchner as a hand knit sock!  It took me forever!

I've hardly been out of the house, other than doctor's appointments, since the first of the year.  What with the weather and my being so tired, I've been staying home.  The CSM knitting has had a temporary set back.  I just don't have the energy to sit down and knit a sock on the CSM, since finishing the Christmas gift socks.

 I have knit 3 squares from the booklet The Great American Aran Afghan.  I have decided on the 4th square, but don't quite feel like starting it yet.  My goal, at first, was one square a month; I think that will continue to be my goal.

 I started a shawl called Circles Within Circles from the Cast On magazine.  I found errors within the chart for the CWC so I redid the graph in Stitch & Motif Maker.  Once I get all the way through the 28 row repeat it should go faster, but it is a long rectangular shawl.  I'm using my Elsebeth Lavold yarn, Silky Wool, for the shawl.  I'm getting gauge, so mine will be the same width of about 2 feet, but I don't have enough yarn to make mine 91" long, which is fine!  I don't want one that long!  Mine should end up at about 5 feet long (60") because of the amount of yarn I have available.  That is the approximate length I had planned on anyway.  The one in the magazine is made using a natural color linen, which would not be all that warm.  I want mine warm and am using a rust tone color.  The pattern is showing up beautifully.  If a person wanted to make it using crochet cotton it would make a beautiful curtain.  I keep eyeing my short, but wide, bathroom window!  I must be out of my mind!  Anyway you look at it, although this is not a quick knit, it is good for sitting back, relaxing and knitting to keep the hands busy.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

CSM progress

I now have finished 1 pair of sleep tube socks, 2 pair of picot hem socks and 2 pair of basic hem socks.  I have a pair of socks almost totally finished, just one toe left to kitchner for that pair.

The machine is all set up for another pair, I just need to decide which yarn to use.  I've really expanded my sock yarn inventory.  I've been watching the sales and buying yarn that way.  I also bought 9 skeins of Barocco yarn from my Meadville yarn store.  Yesterday there were some beautiful skeins of Opal sock yarn at the Meadville store and I really wanted to scoop every one of them up and take them home.  I didn't, but only because they aren't in the budget!  I have spent this month's budget for yarn related items!  Next year's budget has been increased!  Hey, with a CSM you know you are going to be buying more sock yarn!  I more than doubled my 2012 yarn budget for 2013!

I've been using only my 72 slot cylinder and will soon try out the 60 slot cylinder.  The 60 will take a thicker yarn and I have some yarn I'd like to try on that cylinder.

I admit I haven't knit as much on the CSM as I'd like, but I was on some antibiotics that really blew a full month for me.  I was totally wiped out by the meds.

I bought an electric cone winder that I love.  It only has one draw back.  It is so touchy that you can't wind directly from a store bought ball because of the tension.  So, I wind it on my Royal winder first, then from that ball I am able to wind it with the cone winder.  It makes such a difference, knitting off the cone when using the CSM.  Also, Ann in Ohio gave me a gift certificate that I used to buy a Yarn Buddy.  Wow, that is so wonderful.  I love it.  I can use it for any hand wound or Royal wound ball plus it is great for the CSM.  I don't have to worry about the cone falling over as I crank away!

The Yarn Cabinet

As I have acquired more yarn I've just been sticking it into the cabinet, by catagory of course.  Then I received a large shipment that was bagged.  That gave me the incentive to make my yarn inventory cards before putting the yarn in the cabinet.  From there I decided to bag my sock yarn by manufacturer.  Out came the 1 gallon zip lock baggies and the sorting began.  Now all of my sock yarn, that is in balls, is in baggies and have inventory cards made!   Then, looking at the Yarn Cabinet, I decided to start on the worsted weight yarn!  Now most of that is bagged and have inventory cards made!  Progress. 

I think the next step will be the skeins of both lace weight and fine sock yarn!  The process is slow but rewarding.  By the time I get these two done I'll be through the bulk of it.  At this point 4 of the 9 cubes are organized, of which one is not carded but is just for the 2 Classic cardigans from KP and also my beautiful skeins of discontinued lace weight turquoise variegated yarn from Knit Picks.

I also updated my books list and added two books to my Ravelry library.  I did notice a couple of patterns that need to be added to my Ravelry library.

Organization makes it so easy to find what I want and the unexpected discoveries are great!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Socks on the CSM

It has taken me almost 2 months to get up the courage to try an actual sock.  I didn't practice on heels, like you are supposed to.   On 10/23 I decided to make a sock.  I got the picot hem done and the leg.  When I got into the heel I got confused and screwed up!  So I took it off the machine and undid the heel portion, putting the live stitches from the last row of the leg on ravel cord.  Late that night I re-hung the sock.  Wednesday morning, the 24th I re-attempted the heel and it came out fine.  So then I did the foot and toe.  Now it sits waiting to be kitchnered.  So, today, the 25th, I made the 2nd sock!  I need to remove the waste yarn and kitchner that sock also.  They are both the same size, which I'm told can be a problem, sometimes.  I tried on the 1st sock and it fits!

Now I'm watching the ribbing videos!  Not that I don't like the picot hem, I do, but I don't think David will want picot hems on his socks!  I'm not a fan of mock ribbing, so that really isn't an option.

I love my circular sock knitting machine!

I do need to put another pair on needles though, so I'll have something to do with my hands when I'm listening to audio books or just relaxing.  Of course there are other things I can knit, by hand. Heaven knows I have more than enough yarn that is not compatable with either of my knitting machines.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two Pair of all hand knit socks are done!

On October 12th I finally finished the 2 pair of socks that I started clear last February.  The Schoppel Wolle yarn, that I bought in DC, made up a bit big, but once washed they fit perfect!

Of course I will probably keep a sock on needles for my to-go project, since I'm totally lost without my knitting.  But, from now on I hope to be making all my socks, Sharon #1's socks and David's sock on the CSM.  Heaven knows I have more than enough yarn waiting and calling to me!

Tomorrow I plan on trying my first "heel" on the CSM.  I figure that if I take it really slow and am really careful I should be able to do it!  Of course I will have to take lots of notes so the 2nd sock will be the same!  I have my machine all set up with the cast-on sack and waste yarn portion done.  Now it is just put in the ravel cord row and switch to sock yarn.  I would try it tonight, it is 9:30 pm., but my eyes get tired and I want to be refreshed and ready to go at it tomorrow.  Crossing my fingers!